Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Works-for-Me Wednesday: Kitchen Face-cloths

This is my first Works-For-Me Wednesday and I decided to participate because of all the wonderful advice I've read through Rocks In My Dryer. On to what works for me.

I get really grossed out by the kitchen washcloth. It's used for washing dishes and wiping counters. I try to get a clean one out every night because I can't stand that dirty wash cloth smell. Eww!!

I also use washcloths to wipe my kids' faces after eating. I started using regular washcloths but never knew which one was for the face and which one I was using to wash the bowl that just held raw meat. See what I mean? That's gross!!

My solution is to use baby washcloths in the kitchen. I buy the really cheap colored ones and keep about 10-15 in my kitchen linen draw. (I use only white baby washcloths in the bathroom so when I'm folding laundry I know where they go.) It's been a great way to keep our kids from the stinky washcloth in the sink. I've started bringing my own face washcloths to other people's houses because a lot of times they'll just use the kitchen washcloth for my kids' faces. YUCK!!

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Anonymous said...

Me too!

Grateful for Grace said...

Me too! They're sooo soft.

jill m said...

I do change the kitchen washcloth every day, but having a "face only" cloth is a great idea! I've read somewhere that the kitchen sink houses more bacteria than your toilet! Yuck!
And when Brad was working at the medical clinic, one day the lab techs tested the breakroom washcloth for fun. The amount of germs and bacteria was both shocking and revolting.

Hannah said...

Yep, that's what I do! I have a whole stack of washcloths that are just for cleaning little hands and faces. It's a good system!