Monday, January 29, 2007

Baby, Its Cold Outside

It is FREEZING outside...which means our house is a little cooler, too. Yesterday the high was 9 degrees and last night is was below zero. January is a brutal month, especially when you're not used to it because its been beautiful. But now, the cold has set in. I just can't seem to stay warm. I don't want to turn up the heat because that gets expensive, so I keep drinking tea and I hide under blankets. It wouldn't be so bad, but there's Asher. I feel bad for him, but he doesn't seem to mind the cold. His hands, feet and nose are always warm, so he must be alright. I'm just ready for some 30 degree weather...and maybe more snow. I just love how white and clean it is.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Winter White

Winter white. There's nothing better in the middle of January. We had 6 inches of snow last night, and there's still flurries out there. It's wonderful. I'm glad that it snowed. Iowa is not very pretty in the winter. The grass is brown, the trees are bare; it just looks dead. Now, everything looks crisp and clean. I think its great!

Now, Jonathan may think differently. It took him a good 40 minutes to scoop our tiny driveway and deck. That's because he dealt with more than just the regular 6 inches, he had to remove the "mountain" of snow at the end of the driveway given to us by the snowplow. We kind of got burried in the driveway. But he took care of that early this morning.

I think its a great break to the winter blues. It gets dark at 4:45pm and the sun doesn't rise until after 7:15am. I think the snow adds a wonderful new perspective to winter. Its just beautiful!!

Friday, January 12, 2007

In My Head...

I'm not good at this blogging thing. I do not do well keeping up and that will be a goal (resolution, if you will) for this year. I would like to update my personal blog twice a week. I don't know what I'll write about, but twice a week nontheless. Also, for our family blog, I want to update it at least once a week and whenever anything remotely exciting happens. I also want to update the pictures that we have posted. I love looking at other people's pictures so hopefully you will enjoy looking at mine as well.

Also, I'm not sure I want to write to "you" anymore. I'm just going to write and see how it goes. I have seen other blogs (ie. (Dan & Jen Leman's); (Jen Leman's)) and have gotten inspiration from them. Thanks!


I have been in a creative mood lately and for Christmas I made my parents a picture frame. It's really pretty cool. I was at Hobby Lobby (one of my favorite stores) and I saw these 3-d picture frames with fun paper and emellishments. There was ribbon on a few of them, but none of them were appropriate for my parents. They were themed as soccer, marriage, heirloom, but nothing that said "Bajema Girls." So I went and got a plain wooden picture frame, some scrapbook paper and some embellishments. I also picked out some pretty ribbon from the fabric department. I love making crafts like this. Anyway, I went home and put this together. I think it turned out pretty cute. This is my dad holding the frame. I put a funny picture of us girls from Easter morning in 1989 or something? Anyway, I'm upset that the rollers in the back of my hair didn't take and I had some flat pieces. Maria is too young to know what's going on and Andrea just has big hair. Hey, it was the '80's. Give us a break.