Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Spittin' Up

I've been trying to get some last minute sewing done before packing up some of my favorite things (sewing machine, fabric, thread...). And there have been a ton of babies born this past month and so I've been making gifts - spit-rags.

Well, I'd like to think that they're more than a rag, but really, that's what it's for - catching that smelly belly milk. I usually put two in a pack, but I'm thinking that three would make a better gift. There's always next time.

For my spit rags I always use cloth diapers. They are super absorbent, wash easily, and are very durable. I usually buy a giant pack at a time and I look for them at second-hand stores and garage sales and I only pick the whitest, softest, cleanest ones. The new ones are definitely stiff, but after a few washes, they get super soft.

For Landon:

Landon's dad is a hunter so I wanted to make sure I made one with a deer on it. :) The first one that I made was pretty plain and really - well, to be honest, kinda ugly. I knew that my sister enjoys camo as much as the next hunter's wife, but I wanted to give her something a little more modern while keeping with the hunting theme. Enter the polka-dots. I think it turned out pretty cute and manly at the same time. :)


Landon's Papa has always driven International tractors, so I was excited when I saw this fabric. Again, I wasn't sure what to do with fabric displaying a bunch of floating tractors and picket fences. So I dug through my scraps and found this turquoise fabric with a little grass-green in it. And I think the red polka-dots add the perfect amount of whimsy. It's pretty boyish, but would be a great option for a little girl who's Papa drives International tractors. :)

For Sophia:

Sophia's dad and mom have been friends with us for a LONG time! :) So I wanted to make sure that I made her something really cute and girly. But I know that her mom isn't a very froo-froo kinda gal (and neither am I) so I thought the green ruffles went well - making it girly without being too froo-froo. :) And I love making ruffles. A quick easy way to make anything seem more "fancy Nancy." I also quilted a few owls to make sure that the fabric was nice and tight.


For Lucy:
Lucy's mom is pretty stylish, so I wanted to make her something colorful and I love how the charcoal gray makes the polka-dots just pop. The ruffles are made from a coordinating fabric that is a mix of tie-dye and paint splatter. I like how it incorporated all the colors of the polka-dots.

For Sophia and Lucy:

And I made two of these. Once again, I'm not too girly, so I pulled yellow and turquoise from the fabric to make the ruffles.And the gray gives a warm tone to the bright pattern of the butterflies and flowers. I really like how this turned out - a little more vintage than the first two.

I really enjoy making these as I can get pretty creative and it's not a frustrating project (which quilting still is for me). They come together really quickly, don't require a lot of fabric, and make cute gifts. I would love to start making blankets and bibs to go along, but this will have to do until I get a craft room (ie. laundry room).