Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sending our Love

We missed the Christmas card cut-off. Last year we at least had an excuse with a newborn (and we didn't even send out birth announcements - oops!). But this year, there's no excuse except that I was not prepared for the months prior to Christmas to go by so fast. I didn't expect that two littles would be as busy as it is. And so here we are in late January. What to do?

A Valentine's Card!!

That's my solution. I ordered 4x6 pictures of our family from Shutterfly (pre-ordered a package for $.10 a picture) and am in the process of writing a letter. This could go many ways:

  • Humorous - Our family tends to lean towards the humorous side for most things. I haven't thought of any ingenious ways to give an overview in a fun way...but I'm still thinking and I have a little time before our prints will arrive.
  • Yearly Overview by Month - This can get a little tricky since we haven't sent out a card in two I'm trying to decide if I need to include 2007's major information by month as well. We'll have to see how much paper it takes up. And do people really care? I don't know. I guess I like reading people's Christmas cards, so maybe people will care about the "excitement" of our lives.
  • An Acrostic Poem - Personally, I think this is a little overdone and not too original but maybe an acrostic on: We're Lazy, Always Late, A Valentine's Card?, Who Cares?
  • A Little Blurb Written In First Person By Each Family Member - I guess this could be funny since our kids really don't have much to say...except for our older son...but he might not be understandable. And I don't know how accurate the husband will be (he tends to lean way to the funny side of things and his might not make much sense either). I'll have to think about it.
  • From the Point of View of an Object In Our Home - Some people write their letters from their pet's point of view. Well, we don't have a pet, so I might use the fridge or the couch. That could be interesting.

How did you write your Christmas letter this year? Any creative ideas?


Jessica Brown said...

thanks for stopping by on my blog!

Denise said...

i have a friend who sends out a ground hogs day card every year, and i LOVE it!

i use to write a long detailed letter, but the last few years i have shared a Jones Top 10.

Angela said...

Found your blog via your recent wise comments on Homespun Heart. I too am married to a Pastor - but a little further down the road! This is just to encourage you a syou support him in ministry and build a Christian home and family together! love and blessings x x x

Rachel S said...

ha ha ha, i want a card from the perspective of your couch! that's hilarious:)