Friday, January 9, 2009

Fazoli's Italian Revolution

Do you like free food? I know I do. I was riding past Fazoli's the other day and they had a banner outside that said: Join the Italian Revolution at So I went and signed myself up for a free spaghetti dinner...and all the free breadsticks I want.

Fazoli's is also a great way to eat out frugally. When my husband and I go there, we use our Super Saver's Card that the high school youth group sells for a fundraiser. With that card you get a free side salad or a free lemon ice. We usually choose the free salad and split it. We also split a baked spaghetti and munch on lots of bread sticks. If we're splurging, we'll share a soda. It's a yummy, cheap way to eat out on a date.

Join the Italian Revolution today to get your plate of free spaghetti.

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