Sunday, January 25, 2009

Decorated Cupcakes

After the Sunflower Cupcakes I made for a baby shower, I was hired to bake cupcakes for a bridal shower. I had one of the party planners look through the book I had (Hello, Cupcake!) and she picked the Black and White Cupcakes...but we went with the colors: brown, blue, and white.

After visiting half a dozen stores, I found all the candy and sprinkles I needed to make these adorable cupcakes. I liked making these because once I decided on how to decorate them, it wasn't so hard on my brain. But they were time consuming. I wanted them to look professional so I took more time to get the coloring right (still didn't quite get the bright blue I was going for, but it still coordinated with the lighter blue of the sprinkles).

My supplies:

1 box of white cake mix (I added in 2 tsp almond flavoring)
1 box of triple chocolate chunk cake mix

2 containers white vanilla frosting
1 container chocolate frosting
blue & yellow food coloring

pastel giant confetti
white nonpereils
chocolate sprinkles
white M'n'M's
blue salt-water taffy
baha blue Starbursts
licorice salt-water taffy

(bought and returned: 4-pack of white Tic-Tac's, Trolli sour worms, 1 lg box Jr. Mints)

My husband helped me decorate these cupcakes, and I think they turned out pretty cute.


The Deals said...

They look great! I just don't have the patience to decorate cupcakes like that :-)

Jessica Brown said...

these are beautiful! nice work.

Wendi said...

Way to go Jessica!!!!!!!!!!! You did a fabulous job!! So impressed!!!

Linda said...

You actually MADE these? Wow! They look like they've been bought at a professional bakery!

I especially like the ones with 'icing flowers' on them (as in no sprinkles.. does that make sense? *lol*)

Thanks for your comments on my blog! I think it's fun to see how many americans have Dutch heritage in them (that they know of, hehe) Do you have any idea from which part of holland (a city, perhaps) your family is from?

greetings from the netherlands! ;)

Angela said...

Very impressive. Martha Stewart herself could not have done better!but then I believe she has a secret army producing her cakes anyway, and 99% of them are rejected - only the Utterly Perfect ones get photographed!!
blessings- Angela x

Mod Girl said...

Thanks for your comment over at my place! I've enjoyed flipping through your blog this evening. Your cupcakes are AMAZING!!! I love these brown, blue, and white ones, but the sunflowers ones are cute as can be, too!

I noticed that you have a crockpot recipe for Cincinnati chili. I just commented to my husband yesterday that I should make some for us! We lived in Ohio once upon a time...

Thanks for stopping by and for commenting. I excited to discover your bloggy place!