Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wednesday Weigh-In 9/16

After watching The Biggest Loser last night I was inspired to fight against my self-will and get out of bed to Shred. I didn't want to, but my 22-month-old kept wandering in our room at 6am until I got out of bed at 6:30am. ;) That's some great accountability. Thanks, son!

Here are my stats and next week I expect some results from my week of Shredding!

starting weight: 155.2
current weight: 155.4
loss: +.2 lb
original starting weight: 166.4
cumulative weight loss: 11 lb

My Thoughts on The Biggest Loser
*spoiler alert*

First of all, I was surprised at all the swearing. And not just swearing but swearing at people. I didn't like that at.all. If I was on the show, I would tell them that I don't mind the yelling, but I would appreciate it if they didn't use horrible language. It just sounded abusive.

There are some heavy people on this episode but for the most part they seemed ready to work. And it's pretty cool to see Bob and Jillian work together. We'll have to see if there are any major arguments between them as the season rolls along. They have different strategies, although last night there was a lot of yelling from both of them.

Daniel - It's great to have him back. I hope he can be an inspiration to all the contestants of what you can do with hard work.

Shay - That girl just makes me sad. And mad. I was disappointed to see her walk out of the gym but I think it was a huge mental/emotional breakthrough for her when she walked back in without being coaxed. Good call, Jillian.

Julio - If he keeps flopping on the ground like a fish, he will not be my favorite contestant. I couldn't believe Jillian calling him "dead father" when he'd fall on the ground. But he said he appreciated her honesty and needs that reality check.

Alexandra - I thought she was such a cute girl and I was sad to see her go. I thought she worked pretty hard and most of all, she had a great attitude. Seems like she's done well at home with a 60lb loss!! And I can't wait to see who her crush is!! Oh, the drama. ;)

Abby - Nothing made me cry more than hearing Abby's story. And then when she was weighing in and she said she had to do it for herself because there was no one else to do it for. It just broke my heart. I pray for her.

Final Thoughts:
  • I can't believe that two people were already in the hospital after the first challenge. And Tracy is still there! I hope she's ok, they didn't really talk about what was wrong with her or if they thought she'd even make it to the show.
  • I could never do this job. I wouldn't be a great motivator because I'd get caught up in all the feelings. I can't yell at people when they're sad and crying. I know that both Bob and Jillian have a heart for these people and the time to talk and work through their hurts will come. It was just really hard to watch.
  • I will not be watching this with my little people because of the language. Yes, there were some bleeps - well, a lot of bleeps, but some words weren't bleeped and they should have been. I thought it sounded more like verbal abuse than encouraging, inspirational words. I understand that there needs to be some yelling because people were quitting, but they need to cut the swearing.
  • I will remember my tissues next week and try not to use my sleeve for my snotty nose and watery eyes.


Mendie said...

Awesome for getting up and shredding...can you pass some of that motivation this way please???

I had to scroll over the rest of the blog, thanks for the spoiler alert tag....haven't watched it yet, will read the rest tomorrow!

C said...

Great for getting up! Early morning is the only time that works for me too, and having my clothes ready and setting next to my bed helps. It's easier to wake up if I can sit on the edge of the bed and dress in the dark.

And I was flipping through the channels last night (Doug wasn't around), and thought I'd watch the Biggest Loser since I never have. Well I caught the part in the gym with all the swearing and it really turned me off too. Yelling, fine; swearing, not so much. So I watched something else and didn't mind the spoilers. :)

Pam said...

Keep up the great work! I agree about the cursing...I totally understood it when Bob blew up at Joelle last year, but to start off the season like that?

Abby killed me, too. I loved the fact that she made Jillian cry, especially since I had been boo-hooing through the whole show!

If you go on NBC's website, they have a clip of Tracy with Dr. H - she had a heat stroke, but she will be back.

Keep up the hard work, its paying off for you!

Mommy Mo said...

Shred baby shred. Shredding really works if you keep at it.

The Biggest Loser is one of my favorite shows, although I have to agree there was a lot of cussing going on last night (and I like to cuss, online that is : )). Abby's story broke my heart and I bawled every time she talked!

Lisa/Shrinking Jeans

Christy - The Sisterhood said...

The BL is very motivating! If people with so much to lose can get up and do those workouts, then I can, too!! I was surprised by all the cussing, but that's kinda what Jillian's known for. She's tough!!

Way to go on getting up and Shredding!!! Keep up the good work and you'll see the results!

Christie O. said...

seriously, such an emotional show last night! i loved it! the language was a little crazy i agree, but i'm so happy to see that these people are getting a second chance. LOVED daniel last season and i was crushed to see him go. i'm soooo glad he's back and he's doing so great!!! great job with the shredding, girl!!!!

Brooke said...

looks like we're all BL junkies :)

good for you getting out of bed this morning and hitting the shred! :) no doubt with that kind of dedication your weight loss/donation number will grow! :D

me<--prefers lots of smilies to cussing.

The Lewicki's said...

1st, thanks for the encouragment about the vaccinations...that decision was hard,
2nd, bleeping out words no longer is effective I feel, I guess its better than not bleeping, but its not like I dont know what they are frustrated me how crude they were...I dont mind the yelling, but dont make yourself sound stupid
3rd, this show is crazy addicting...I usually have bible study tuesdays but last night it was cancelled, so i watched...its intense!

Sarah said...

New BL was pretty inspiring!! I love how Tracy wanted to crawl to the finish!! Hope she is okay!!