Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Weigh-In Wednesday 6/10

The Sisterhood - Team NAVY

It's been super hard to stay on track while visiting my family for my sisters wedding. Here's what I'm talking about:
  1. My family is staying in a camper in the back yard. And it is impossible to workout in a camper.
  2. Monday morning I was up at 6:30am...along with all the kids. Touching me and staring at me while I use other muscles to avoid kicking them, hitting them, and tripping over them and breaking my ankle.
  3. There was also an audience on Monday morning. My mom, dad, and sister watch. Along with the staring curious eyes of all the littles.
  4. I'm cooking, which is a good way to control the mealtime environment. Except I'm such a great cook. ;) We've been enjoying some really good food!! And I've been bad at limiting myself.
  5. My mom has great snacks!! Sure, there's fruit in the fridge, but I find myself in the cupboard staring at the corn puffs and wishing that I could swim in a vat full of them. They're so salty and good. It's been hard to not eat like a pig!!
  6. Getting my haircut was good therapy and was probably the only reason I lost weight this week. I've been giving Jillian the cold shoulder while visiting my family but I cut about 2 inches off my hair and got it thinned out. So, I think that's where my .4lb loss came into play.
Current weight: 161.4lbs
Total loss since 30 Day Shred: 5lbs!!
Total loss since Shrinking Summer Challenge: .4lbs

Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans


Brooke said...

part of making a committment to change is dealing with life in between...and a loss is a loss! congrats

Anonymous said...

Yay!! Great work. It is hard to stay motivated on vacation. Great job on the 5 lbs though.

april said...

Hey, it's a loss! Take it! Great job getting your 5# button!

Anonymous said...'ve had a lot on your plate lately. Any loss is a good loss...more will follow once you get back to a normal schedule. What's normal anyways? LOL!


Denise said...

who can exercise with people watching! aghhh, never.
keep it up. your doing great.

have fun at the wedding!

Beth said...

I'm so impressed that you are doing this weight loss program. It sounds like it's going really well, even with your stay in Iowa. I am trying to lose weight too, but I am dieting. I should try some more exercising too.

Denise said...

so, here is my update...i am on day two, adn i have STRONG feelings of dislike for jillian michaels.
so much pain.
does it get better?