Tuesday, March 31, 2009

No Spend March - It's Over!!

Today is the last day of "No Spend March." And we made it...with a few extras:

  • March 1st - Jimmy John's - $17.51
  • March 13th - Balloons for a birthday party - $2.25
  • March 26 - Panera (used a gift card) - $1.32
TOTAL: $21.08

That's not great, I'll admit that. But we did try hard and that spending on the 1st really got us!! Too bad I forgot what the date was. ;)

And there were some surprise blessings this month too:
  • 2 gallons of milk from our neighbor. His friend drives a dairy delivery truck and they had extra milk, so our neighbor thought of us!! Yay!!
  • My father-in-law paid for our birthday buffet at Valentino's. Thanks!!
  • Free babysitting by a middle school small group on a Tuesday night. Thanks, girls!!
  • I was supposed to bring food for our women's group and I forgot to let my table know. I went to the store and a woman from my table joined me and paid for the brunch items. Thanks!!
  • A mentor from church took me out to lunch one Sunday (my husband gets to "do lunch" frequently - so it was my turn). Thanks for treating me!!
  • My husband's college buddy treated us for dinner when he stayed overnight at our house. Thanks so much!!
It was a great month and it will more than likely become the norm around here. Pray that I can keep up the menu planning and the general frugal spending (thanks to Laura and Katie for your additional tips).


...they call me mommy... said...

Great job! I think you did so well! Birthdays can be such a budget fact, this year we are doing 'friendless' parties just with family and more of a minimalistic approach...I couldn't believe how inexpensively I did my son Noah's party. By making all the food/cake myself, with the gift/decorations, I think it was like maybe tops $20...I used to spend sometimes $50 or $75 and once I spent a whopping $200+ (we took a huge group of people out for pizza) on a birthday party! DOH! No MORE! I was really convicted about don't have to have it fancy to have a good time...lesson learned! Thanks for the frugally can be done! :D


Heather said...

Wow - Jessica, I really am impressed by your efforts. It goes t show how planning can play a big part in wise spending AND how God blesses it. Your list of blessings was much longer than your spending list which is proof of His love shown to you in you efforts to be wise with the money He gives you. Thanks for challenging my heart to be better at proactively planning so I too can make wiser choices. Blessings to you and your family. BTW it was fun to read some interesting tidbits about yourself - and I so love the fries and ice cream combo - my fav is Wendy's fries and a chocolate shake. : ) SO healthy right?