Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Works-for-Me Wednesday: I'm a Cheap Date

I'm a cheap date...when I want to be. I'm usually not too cheap on a Thursday night because I like to go out to eat (spending $10 at our favorite restaurant - for the two of us). But, we've been cutting back on the spending so we're not eating out like we used to. So with the help of Redbox and Target here's the cheapest movie date ever:

Monday night movie and popcorn

- Redbox movie using the free code texted to my husband's phone every Monday
- Target's popcorn and a soda combo $1.50

That's right people! A movie, popcorn and drink for $1.50!! Can you get more frugal than that?! I'd like to see you try! Let me know if/how you've become a cheap date.

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**I know that you can make popcorn at home and watch a movie from the library (and have a FREE date), but there's NOTHING that can beat movie theater popcorn...except Target.


Amy Platon said...

Ahh, takes me back to the time my hubby and I bought a coffee at the starbucks at target and walked the isles. It was a beautiful kid free existence and we didn't even buy anything! So worth the sitter money!

Denise said...

we love the redbox!
i have a friend who is still devoted to her 4.00 blockbuster movies, i am thinking of dumping her (or maybe i just need to do a redbox intervention).

btw- how do you get the special code from redbox!!! i want to save a 1.09.

Linda said...

10 dollars for eating at a restaurant!? Please tell me how you do that..

Is America THAT cheap for eating out? (I know the caribbean is.. in Holland, eating out is ridiculously overpriced, say 10 times the price of what you'd pay when you made the exact same at home..)

Greetings from the netherlands!