Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Advice from a 3-Year Old

My husband and I were discussing discipline at the dinner table one evening. It's been rough with our 3-year-old constantly pushing the the limits. The biggest problem is that he doesn't want to go to bed. Nap-time is ok, but at bedtime (when I'm completely exhausted from the day) he just will not stay in bed and rest.

Well, we were talking about what to do. And how we need to be good at communicating to him the bedtime routine and just stick to our guns. We need to be consistent. This is what our 3-year-old had to say:

"Mom, if you put your guns down, they won't get sticky."

Just had to make us laugh, even though we will not be putting our guns down and he's the only one to make sure they don't get sticky. ;)


Denise said...

we turned the lock on our son's door to the hallway when he was little, refusing (fighting) to stay in bed. he would fall asleep screaming at his door. we ignored him. we too were tired. didn't want another moment of bedtime procrastinations or manipulations (things that were'nt issues were suddenly issues at bedtime). before we'd head to bed, we'd slide his door open with him curled up against it, and put him in bed.
he didn't remember it in the a.m., and eventually he realized- we win!
and got into bed without the fight.

good luck to you, don't let those guns get sticky!

Heather said...

too funny - he is a little comedian isn't he? So fun to get to meet your little guys and see you and JOnathan! we loved having you over - hope the rest of your weekend went well!
I will share with you our experience with Ruth to see if it will help: I actually went from nap time to just rest time with her so she would stop fighting me at night at bedtime. With Shane traveling I was at my wit's end and needed a solution to the screaming and crying at night. So we had a week of grumpiness without a nap but then her sleep cycle caught on and she fell asleep much easier at bedtime. I know this might not work for you since you have another little napper but if you try something quiet like reading books or listening to a cd or even a video at quiet time - you might still get some peace and quiet and then maybe a more tired boy at bedtime.
This is not an easy answer solution but I thought I would share just in case it was helpful - I know God will give you and JOnathan wisdom - which sometimes involves trial and error. : )
Parenting definitely isn't for the fainthearted. : ) God's grace is sufficient for you friend! Hang in there. : )