Thursday, September 17, 2009


Homeschooling is going pretty well. It's hard not having a designated school area besides the kitchen table. We have a little area in the "dining room" but some day it would be nice to have a more permanent place to learn - less distraction for the students and for me. ;) We're still working on the flow of the day, but I'm sure it will get better and better. It's all a learning curve because I don't really feel like I know what I'm doing. But we're having fun and I think we're all learning something. ;)

A few week ago our theme for the week was airplanes so we read lots of books about airplanes, "flew" around the room to "airplane music," and on Friday the boys painted airplanes. Wal-mart has little wooden planes/cars/trucks in their craft aisle. They worked great for this and my 22-month-old loved the project too.

On Thursday we went to the local municipal airport to watch planes land and take-off. My boys loved it. My husband has taken them before and every time they have a ball. Another reason it's great to live in a smaller town.


Linda said...

I'm sure your and my perspective on 'a small town' are soooo much different (isn't everything ten times bigger in the states? *lol*) But you're totally right about it!

I grew up in a larger city and 4 years ago we moved to this tiny town. Firstly, it was out of need (we had to wait forever to get a house in the city) but it was sooooo good that we now never want to go back. And I've lived in that city for over 20 years.

A small town is so nice.. it's so nice to be able to recognize people and have your local green grocer talk to you personally....

Greetings from a SMALL town in the netherlands! ;)

Heather said...

great creativity Jessica - your intentionality is inspiring to this homeschool mom. You are giving them a great beginning to "school" -have fun with it - they are learning even when you don't see immediate results! : )