Monday, May 11, 2009

In the Mail

Little did I know there were some surprises for me in the mailbox on Friday. We hadn't gotten the mail in several days so I knew the box would be full, but I wasn't expecting this:

How exciting!! I'm going to enjoy reading through all the recipes and marking them up with Post-it Notes so I remember what I'd like to try. Have you gotten any surprises in your mailbox lately?


Linda said...

2 blue envelopes! In Holland, we pray before opening blue envelopes, because blue means IRS.

But they were all good.. we'll be getting a big refund, due to some error we previously made (we told them we earned less money than we did, so our return was lower than it should have been)

I call that a nice surprise! ;)
Greetings from the netherlands

Christian said...

It wasn't in my mailbox, but one of my girlfriends gave me the cutest reusable grocery bag. It is shaped just like the ones you buy at the store, but bigger and made out of burlap that has been painted on, it is awesome!