Friday, April 17, 2009

Loads and Loads

I've been doing laundry all day. And this is not your catch-up laundry day...I've been caught up. Everyone's closets and dressers are full of clean clothes. But we're potty training. It's been going really well, until today.

We take our 3-year-old to the potty several times a day and hopefully he'll catch on and go by himself. He's been doing really well and only has an accident when I forget to remind him to use the potty.

Yesterday, we had one accident so those clothes were soaking in our bathroom. This morning he had another accident so I put those clothes along with the ones soaking in the washer with any other kiddie darks. Just as that load was being put into the dryer, he had another accident. So, I got another bucket ready to soak because I didn't want to do another load of laundry today (usually I do just a load a day and that's been working really well). But then he peed through his third set of clothes. So, I took the clothes out of the bucket added the new "dirties" and added all of the adult darks.

So, I'm folding the first load of darks and our 16-month-old wakes up. I go into his room to rescue him and the scent was awful!! Truly the worst smelling dirty in a VERY long time. It was all over his pants, his socks and his bedding - including his beloved blankie. So another load of laundry...all before 9am.

PLEASE, if you have any potty-training tips, I'd love to hear them. I am getting quite desperate at this time. He just doesn't seem to care, but I sure do and I'm really tired at the amount of laundry this morning. At least they were small loads.


Linda said...

Running around with a bare bum!

That's the only thing that worked a little for our daughter ;)

She always got very 'easy' when she knew she was getting a diaper or so, but when she had to walk around with a bare bottom for a while (if weather permits and only at home, *LOL*!) she got the point....

succes.. I know how frustrating this can be.. :S

Greetings from the netherlands!

Denise said...

yes, i've heard the easiest way will cost you around $50. let them run around bare. they are more likely to "listen to their bodies" then. the $50
will be the cost of shampooing your carpets (if you can rent a cleaner and do it yourself).
"Bear in the Big Blue House" has a super fun potty training video.

load him up on liquids!

and on the bright side, someday he'll be folding the laundry.
my kids 10,9,7 all have laundry duty. LOVE IT!