Thursday, April 30, 2009

Linky Dinks

Here's the second edition of Linky Dinks: where I let you know what I've been reading in the blogosphere. (I've been reading a lot more than this list, but these are some favorites.) Again, my thoughts are in italics.

Prayer Journaling
~ Homespun Heart (Wednesday, 4/22/09)
I received the Legacy Prayer Journal from my MIL for Christmas but haven't gotten organized enough to gather pictures and get it printed out. After reading this article, I have the pictures gathered and am hoping to pick up a book today so our family can get started.

Chicken Empenadas. Ole.
~ Short Stop
This looks like a pretty simple recipe and as compared to the caloric value of the original at On the Border (1090 calories!!) I think it's a winner!!

Ruffles and Rick-Rack
~ Keeping Up With the Joneses
Makes me wish I had some girls. I doubt my boys would appreciate how cute these jeans turned out.

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Denise said...

how sweet that you linked me!

i love this. so often i read something on another blog and want to make sure everyone else reads it too!

i want to figure out how to do it.