Saturday, February 5, 2011

No Spend February...Is Now No Spend March

I was planning on this month being a "no-spend" month but I received an opportunity that I couldn't refuse: to join my dad for a mission trip to Mississippi for a week.

We will be taking a semi-truck full of used items (clothes, furniture, etc) to deliver to a thrift store. Then we'll be spending some time doing some mission work while we're down there. I'm really looking forward to having a week away.

My boys are staying with my mom while my dad and I travel. And my husband is being left at home. Being a youth pastor, he has all kinds of opportunities for mission trips and conferences and I usually stay home with the littles. Now, it's my chance to leave him home alone. I think he'll enjoy the quiet evenings and I'm hoping he'll have time to work on his ministry license paper...or paint the hallway. ;)

The boys and I will be gone for a total of two weeks so I'm making lots of lists of what to pack. The boys will need all of their things: clothes, jammies, church clothes, toiletries, medicine, etc. And then I have to pack myself. I don't want to over pack because I know that there's limited space in the truck. So, I'm packing my regular bag with clothes, toiletries, etc. And then I'm packing another bag for the truck with medicine, some basic toiletries, snacks, drinks, books, journals, my Bible, and some Soduku puzzle books. I want to be prepared but not over packed. It's a fine line.

And then I want to have food ready for my husband at home. He's not picky and can make due with cereal, frozen pizza, etc, but I want him to have some healthy foods/meals as well. So, I plan on getting some things ready for him as well. 

Which brings me to the subject of No-Spend February - the reason the No-Spend month changed is because I didn't feel right about our no-spend goal when I would be going out to eat on the road and when we're working at the sites. So, we're postponing for a month and I think that's ok. :) I'll clean out the pantry next month.

I plan on blogging our "adventures" daily (hopefully) as my mom is letting me borrow her laptop (thanks, Mom!). I plan on spending some time in the Word, journaling in my book, Grieving the Child I Never Knew, resting, reading, and blogging. I am excited to spend some time in Jackson, MS where I've been for ministry several times from high school through college. I just ask you to pray for safety on the roads, that I will come home refreshed, that I will be blessed by blessing others, and that I the time I spend with my dad will be for God's glory.

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Mary said...

I'm going to miss you guys!! Hope you have a good time!