Saturday, February 12, 2011

Rolling Fork, MS

We arrived in Rolling Fork, MS on Friday after spending 31 hours in the truck (driving, riding, eating, sleeping). After a few tries backing the truck up to the back doors we walked on the soggy ground around to the front of the building to let Audry, the manager of the Treasure Chest Thrift Store, know that we were finally there. We were greeted with smiles and hugs. She closed down the store, sent the guys to the back and we started to unload...and 2 1/2 hours later the truck was unloaded and the shelves, back store room, floor displays were full. And I mean full: beds, mattresses, building materials, boxes and boxes of clothes, shoes and misc, dishes, baby items, couches and chairs, dining sets, outdoor furniture...We even had a box full of Bibles for Audry to give away a her church, and some of them were those BIG FAMILY Bibles. BIG and heavy. :) But she loved every one of them.

The store was great. It was organized and clean. There were quite a few shoppers inside when we got there. They were really gracious about leaving when Audry closed the shop, probably because they knew why - new merchandise. :) I'm sure the store was busy this morning as there were a lot of new things out on the floor. It's nice knowing that someone eles's unwanted or unused items find new homes, that they become a blessing to someone.

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