Friday, January 7, 2011

No Spend February

I was reminded by Sarah at Short Stop that I need to do another No Spend Month. Sarah writes about some great reasons why to do a No Spend Month and some wonderful thoughts on her journey. I'd like to document that a little bit better this time. January would have been ideal to start a No Spend Month: new year, right after a spending frenzy for Christmas, nothing major happening this month (ie. travel, birthdays, ect.). But that isn't happening...this month. So we will plan for February. And I'm nervous and excited and ready. We are in need for a little financial cleaning up after the holidays and Sarah sparked the idea to try a No Spend Month again. We did well last time and it was nice to use up stuff in the pantry and be more creative with date night. So, be praying as I prepare my mind for No Spend February.

Wanna join me??

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Breanna said...

Do you follow Small Notebook? That's the first place I heard about No Spend Month. I like it. You'll have to help me be creative should we decide to do one. The hubs would be all for it...being Dutch and all. ;)