Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dick and Margie

Dick and Margie started coming down to Cary, Mississippi from Platte, South Dakota 16 years ago. They would serve for two weeks at the Cary Christian Center (CCC) and then head back up north to Platte. But their hearts remained in Mississippi.

Four years ago some of Dick and Margie's family came to Cary to build them a "retirement" home right on the site of the Cary Christian Center. They come down in October and stay through May to serve at the Center. And they are such a blessing. They do all kinds of things there: help at the thrift stores, fix anything and everything, paint, clean, sort boxes, and host couples, families and groups in the CCC's dorm and apartments.

We were invited to their house for dinner on Friday night. And it was such a blessing. Margie made the yummiest turkey soup and cheese sandwiches. And Dick made brownies for dessert. The conversation was great but what I enjoyed the most was Dick's prayers.

He had a way of talking to God that made me teary. I wish I could've recorded his voice speaking to God. It was beautiful. He talked to Him with such reverence and respect but... like God was his Dad. I've heard people pray to God with respect before but he just sounded different. You could tell he had a real relationship with Him. It was such a blessing. And he would pause a little between sentences and I loved it. It was so peaceful. To be honest, my husband prays like that at the dinner table but I try to rush him through as our two restless boys struggle to not dig into their food. I will try not to do that anymore and enjoy the conversation that my husband leads me into with the Savior.

We had a wonderful time with Dick and Margie. I stayed in an apartment for the night - a real bed! - while my dad stayed in the truck. We both got to take showers and then in the morning Dick and Margie took us to the local dive, Chuck's, for breakfast. It was fun to see how everyone seemed to know them and how they seemed to know everyone. It was so beautiful. They have really developed relationships with people down here and it's great to see. They are such a special couple and it was fun getting to know them. God blessed me in such a way by being able to take a glimpse into their lives and their ministry. It's a good example for me and my family.


Kerry Brannan said...

Awesome, Jess! So glad to hear your stories, AND see pictures. Many blessings, and prayers for your continued safety --


Jessica said...
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