Thursday, July 15, 2010

Still Thinking of You

I've been so blessed by Molly Piper's blog and her series, How to Help Your Grieving Friend. I've been feeling and thinking a lot of things regarding the loss of our unborn baby at 15 weeks. But I was unable to verbalize those thoughts and feelings. Molly does a great job of expressing herself and therefore pulls the words out of my heart and mind.

Always On My Mind is a great post from Molly's series. I think it's important to go back - weeks, months, years later - and tell people that you still think about them after they've had a loss. I think it's a blessing to know that their loved one has not been forgotten. That their loss hasn't been forgotten and that the sad feelings that travel with them through life are, at times, carried by others.

A friend asks Molly and her husband:“If I’m thinking about her three months later while I’m painting my bathroom, how much more is she still on your minds?”
"So be mindful as the days and months march on for your grieving friend that their loss is in no way over for them."

And if you do think about their loss, let them know. It could be just want they needed to hear.

(If you want to read more of my thoughts on Molly's series, click here.)

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