Friday, June 25, 2010

Helping Your Friend Grieve

I'm having a really emotional day. I've been clearing out my inbox and found an email from my friend's older sister. She is a pastor's wife and it has been really fun getting to know her as a "real person" and not just my friend's older sister. ;)

She recommended Molly Piper's blog when she found out we lost our baby. I've kind of been avoiding heading over there because Molly talks a lot about dealing with grief after they had a stillborn baby girl whom they named Felicity. I knew it was going to stir up emotions that I've been trying to keep under wraps. But God is good and knew I needed an outlet for my emotions today.

Molly did a great series on How to Help Your Grieving Friend. And they are helpful. I really encourage anyone who has a friend dealing with a loss to check out these posts. I plan on revisiting her posts and posting my own thoughts on her topics because they all really hit home for me.

Here are my comments on Molly's How To Help Your Friend Grieve series:

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The Lewicki's said...

what a great entry. its so great to know how to help...i hope your time at your parents is good, and i cant wait to love on you when you get was really good to read that no time is "too late" after the loss. thanks