Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fitness Boot Camp

That's right. I've taken the plunge and frankly I'm pretty nervous about it. This afternoon I will be introduced to a host of events that make me uncomfortable including having my picture taken in shorts and a sports bra (my pre-boot-camp pictures), be weighed and measured by a professional, and learn how to use the equipment at the gym.

And then Saturday is our EVALUATION. Yes! It's as scary as it sounds. We'll do push-ups, sit-ups, strength and stretching and then the finale - A MILE RUN. I haven't ran a mile since I was a jr. in high school and that's over 10 years ago. My body is not made to run. I have poor knees, big bones, and a heavy gait. I'm not looking forward to it. Honestly my goal is to not be last. I talked to a friend and she encouraged me with, "You're supposed to stink at it the first time. That leaves more room for improvement for the final evaluation." I guess she's right, but I'm still pretty terrified.

And then the whole changing your eating habits thing. I like to cook and I don't like to be limited. I feel that I am limited by quite a bit with the hypothyroid, allergies to processed meat & foods, and not having a gall bladder. The last two things are foods I should be avoiding anyway, but still. It's hard knowing I will have to cut out even more. I'm trying to stay positive because at least there's a wide variety of fruits and veggies during the summer months. It will probably be harder in the winter.

There's also the commitment to changing my sleeping habits. I have a tendency to stay up way to late and be tired all day letting my husband get the kids breakfast. This will help since I have class at 5a or 6a. There are other times but I need to get home before my husband has to be at work and I don't want to do evenings. That means I'll have to be to bed on time. And the classes start next Monday when my in-laws are visiting for the week. I want to be able to stay up and play games but realize that I have to go to bed when my body tells me to instead of fighting it and getting sick or become so pooped out that I can't even function. I think this will help with the depression as well. I'll be tired when it's time for bed and I'll be forcing (hopefully it will become habit) myself to get up on time to work out.

I am ready to do something for myself. It's been a long time since I've really done something for me. My husband and I decided to wait to try to get pregnant until after our former due date in October and get healthy for myself. I'm kind of excited about that. Plus I need to process through some more emotions and I think kick-boxing will help. ;) I don't know that I'm ready to hope for another baby. The next pregnancy will be really hard for me not to be worrisome the entire time so I'm going to give myself a little more time before the pregnant-momma-brain-body-and-soul takes over.

Of course I'll be blogging my adventures through my Fitness Boot Camp so be prepared for some sweaty, teary, and hopefully inspiring stories. ;)

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