Monday, February 23, 2009

Oscar Party Review

Our Oscar party was a lot of fun! We had a lot of fun razzing each other about who were were picking to win. All the ballots were placed in a sealed envelope and then we had a Master Ballot that we used to keep track of the wins. There were 24 categories and our winner got only 12 correct (50%). This just goes to show that none of us get out much. ;) The winner received the DVD My Cousin Vinny Gold Academy Awards Edition in which Marissa Tomei won best supporting actress at a previous Academy Awards.

We had a LOT of food and some great creative names:

**Benjamin Bellybutton Roll-ups (tortilla roll-ups) - our pick for most creative name
Pineapple Express Pizza (fruit pizza)
Alien Eyes (pickle wraps)
Nacho Libre Dip (layered Mexican dip)
Wall-E Brownies (Cosmic brownies)

I also bought ingredients to make sparkling apple juice - apple juice and ginger ale. It tasted great and looked really pretty. And I bought some "special" drinks for our guests. We usually don't have soda in the house, but we get it when we know people are coming over. I knew what my guests' favorites were so that's what I bought.

Mountain Dew - 2 of my husbands co-workers
Cherry 7-Up - a nursing mom
Diet Coke - our dear friend (who usually brings a can along because we don't usually have soda)
Carolyn's Irish cream - a co-workers wife

Kind of fun to get special "treats" for guests. Especially when they don't suspect it! ;)

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jill m said...

Wow, you really know how to throw a party! I'm impressed. I also know how much time and effort goes into planning and preparing for something like this...especially with a theme. So I'm sure your guests appreciated it and I enjoyed reading about it. :)

We love chip dip so the Mexican Bean Dip is on my "To Try" recipe list.