Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Becoming a Frugal Shopper

I have to admit that I've gained my mother's shopping skills. She is the best bargain shopper I know. I bought groceries for the next 3 weeks. Here's what I know:

Fareway: $79.50 (food only, followed my meal plan & bought some special things for our Oscar Party, special snacks for the kiddies and even a small chocolate milk for my oldest son)
Wal-Mart: $18.63 (diapers and a pie)
Hy-Vee: $11.70 (Hy-Vee brand pull-ups ($5.69 on sale) and food groceries)
Target: $13.79 (large box Target wipes - usually lasts about 3-4 months)

Total: $123.62 for the next 3+ weeks of food, about a 2 months diapers and 4 months wipes. Not too shabby for a beginner. I used two coupons and went to three other places for cheaper items that we know work well (Target wipes, Hy-Vee training pants, Wal-Mart diapers).

A friend suggested trying the Hy-Vee pull-ups as the Pampers Pull-Ups are $15 + and the Hy-Vee training pants are regularly $7.16 bought on sale today for $5.69. Yay!!

Now I know there are a lot of you out there who are even more amazing shoppers because you're great at couponing. I'm not that great, but am learning. I've been making progress and it shows. I have been able to purchase special treats for my boys that I haven't been able to do for a while (fruit snacks, yogurt, string cheese, etc). Our growth group meets twice a month for a meal, prayer and study. This month is my month to host and I thought it would be tough, but we've been able to make a great meal and get extras (soda and a pie - yum). I think the best money saver for me is sticking to my meal plan and using only cash.

That's what I know. How do you save on your groceries?


Rachel S said...

Do you look up what's on sale before you go to each of the stores? People always say they do things like this and I'm curious to know the details. I always try to be careful and spend wisely but I'm interested in the art of saving with grocery shopping:)

Linda said...

We don't have coupons here.. if we would, I'd have so much fun with them.. *LOL* ;)

My best tip is for meat..

#1 choice is the islamic butcher. They sell good meat for VERY low prices. Just don't ask them for porkchops ;)

#2 choice is supermarket meat that you 'should' eat that day (sell-by date) - here that's always marked 35% down. I just freeze the packets and use them whenever I feel like it..

And as for toiletries.. buy a small container just once, then always fill it up with a BIG one.. big containers are wayyyyy cheaper..

That's all I have ;)
Greetings from the netherlands!