Saturday, February 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Elmo!!

Tomorrow Borders will be celebrating Elmo's birthday with stories, art activities, games and more (for kids ages 3-8). Some stores will be hosting a trivia game and a dance party for older kids as well. Call your local store for more information. We'll be there. Will you?

* Update - The birthday party was pretty lame. They had some coloring sheets and handed out some Dum-Dums. Bummer!! There were screaming, impolite children everywhere. It wasn't very fun. My son kept asking where the party was. There were no balloons and, to my son, that's the definition of a birthday party. We picked out Hop on Pop to buy and take home (used a gift card) and my son was happy with that. The problem...there are little trinkets all the way to the check-out. I kept reminding my son about the book in his hands but I can't say there wasn't any whining. So glad we were out of there in 30 mintues! ;)

(the picture is a craft we did before we went to the store for the party)

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