Monday, December 1, 2008

Job Description:Soul Sculptor for the King of the Universe

There's a time, about once a month, that I fret over what I'm doing at home with my boys. I bounce back and forth the thought that I should be working and earning a paycheck. That I should use the nursing degree I worked and studied so hard for. That I could be making a difference out in the world. I start to feel insignificant and like it doesn't matter. But it does matter. I know that deep in my heart but sometimes I let those negative thoughts control my attitude and I need time to refocus my passions.

I read a wonderful article form Holy Experience this afternoon about feeling just that...insignificant and how that is a lie from Satan:

"You are not a STAY at home anything. You are a woman on the move, a woman on journey. You are in perpetual spiritual pilgrimage. You are following your Master, your children traipsing behind. Everyday you are packing up and leaving behind one spiritual, emotional, physical time and space… are growing, your children are growing, your role in His Kingdom is growing….and at day’s end, you are somewhere very different. In a different heart space, in a different time space, in a different spiritual space. Take it seriously. You are not stagnantly staying anywhere. You are leading your children towards the Promise Land. Don’t get side-tracked, don’t laze about, don’t linger behind….God is moving before you, the Cloud is guiding you----Pack up and follow!"

I have to stop Satan from telling me that what I do is insignificant and that it doesn't matter...that I don't matter...that my boys don't matter. I have to take a stand for my boys' souls and become their warrior. And teach them how to fight for themselves so that they can fight for their families someday.

If you have a minute stop over and read the rest of the article here. It was a great encouragement to me today!

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The Deals said...

Jess- know that you are not alone! I think all women struggle with who we are and our significance as mothers. If we work we feel that we are not good enough at home; if we stay home we feel that we are not doing something that matters. There is always a little voice that says that we are not enough. It is up to us to strengthen each other and help to silence the enemy. The impact you are making on your childrens' lives is a GREAT and lasting one!