Sunday, December 14, 2008

December 15th Week's Plan

(Curriculum from Letter of the Week)


Table Time:
introduce weekly theme (cow) and vocabulary word (calf), put pictures on poster
color a cow print-out
Reading Time:
read Millie Wants to Play! by Janet Pederson
read Moo Who? by Margie Palatini
gross motor skills activity - put on some music and move around like a cow
(have purple cows for lunch)

Table Time:
introduce shape (square), put picture on poster
practice drawing squares
review theme
Reading Time:
read Moonstruck: The True Story of the Cow Who Jumped Over the Moon by Gennifer Choldenko
read Rodeo Ron and His Milkshake Cows by Rowan Clifford
walk through home looking for square objects

Table Time:
introduce letter (A), put picture on poster
circle the letter 'A' on a print-out of letters
review theme and shape
Reading Time:
read The Cow Who Clucked by Denise Fleming
read A Particular Cow by Mem Fox
listen to music while making finger-paint angels

Table Time:
introduce number (1), put picture on poster
add 1 sticker to number book
Reading Time:
read Daisy the Firecow by Viki Woodworth
read a book from previous days
dance to music that plays 1 instrument at a time

Table Time:
introduce Bible memory verse: Proverbs 15:1
read ABC Bible Verses for letter 'A'
review theme, shape, number, letter
fine motor-skills activity - cow craft
Reading Time:
pick out 2 books that we've read during the week
Little Visits for Toddlers activity
repeat Proverbs 15:1 to music

Ok, I lied. I probably won't post this every week. I'll probably just post our weekly theme, books that I plan on reading, and our memory verse. Anyway, that's our plan for this week.

What are you guys planning for the week??

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