Friday, March 18, 2011

New Goals

I have to admit that I'm back to "normal." That's not a good kind of normal. It's a chubby kind of normal. Remember when I looked like this? Well, I haven't gained any weight back, but I've lost my muscle tone and have become squishy all over. Really a bummer after working that hard. And I have to say that if we could have afforded to keep me at Goals In Motion, I would have! It's was the best thing for me. I feel like I was just mentally there. My body changed but my brain needed time to catch up and realize the results from all the hard work that I did. I was in a good place to kick it into another level, but alas, that's not what happened. So, I have some new things in store:
  1. Follow the Goals In Motion eating plan (some of it anyway): more protein, more water, no carbs after 3p, eat 5x a day.
  2. Along with GIM eating plan I want to try The Lord's Table. I have a friend who wants to do it with me and I pray that it will help me break the cycle of emotional eating and focus on food as fuel. (The diet portion will be modified for my hypothyroidism.)
  3. 30-Day Shred. I've done this before and it's worked great. I just need to do it
  4. Try this: 100 push-ups, 200 sit-ups, 200 squats. It looks like a good program and I'm anxious to give it a try. Maybe I can get my husband to do it with me. :)
  5. After the 30-Day Shred, C25K (couch to 5K). I've never been a runner and I don't know if I want to start now. I need to get through the 30-Day Shred first. :)
  6. I also want to see what the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans is up to when they start their next challenge (current challenge ends April 13th). That will hold me accountable to working out, weighing once a week (not daily) and reporting. I've been in the sisterhood before and it was really good for me and I'd like to join again.
So, this all begins on Monday, March 21. There's a sad but important anniversary coming up that I need to feel good for. I know it will be hard emotionally and mentally so I want to feel good physically.
Who's in? Who wants to join me? Who's willing to take the challenge?


Breanna said...

I love the 30-day Shred! Level Three...whew!

call me Laura said...

I had forgotten all about the 100 pushups and situp programs, I was doing that a year or so ago. I just completed Day 1 in the pushups. Thinking about getting the app on my phone. And I have done the C25K before, I think if you want to do it, pick a race and set a date/goal. I could be convinced to do it with you...

Emily said...

I highly recommend Lords Table, it was a huge blessing in my life this fall after dealing with our loss (mostly by eating) I gained nearly 20 pounds in 4 months and lost it in 4 months on LT. Not only that, the spiritual growth has continued and it is such a blessing to have a habit of daily devotions and focused discipline. I'm sure your other challenges will help you in the exercise department--go for it! Emily