Monday, March 14, 2011

Angie's Secret Code

Kids' Christian music...

I have a lot to say about that but most of it isn't positive. I think it's good to have Christian music around the house, especially music that your kids can relate to. But most of it hurts my brain. The melodies, the instruments, the kids singing, the Bible lesson before the song actually starts.....

We have the Steve Green kids' music CDs and they're all right. The CDs were recommended to me by family and friends and so I bought them. I enjoyed them the first run-through but knew this was not the kind of music that I enjoy, and maybe there was something else out there that was more enjoyable to me and my family.

Our good friends Clint and Jess live in Arkansas and he was the director of the Kindergarten through 2nd grade program at their church. Several years ago when we went to visit them and tour the church he played some music that they use on Sunday mornings and I was in awe. What were we listening to?! It was upbeat, directly from the Bible, and it was fun! That's when we were introduced to Seeds Family Worship.

We now own Seeds of Courage and it's so great! I have memorized more Bible verses from this CD than I have in a long time. :) (That's not something that I'm proud to admit, but it is true.) The music is not annoying or lame. I enjoy this CD so much and have ordered another one using the 20% off code that my friend Angie has on her blog. So hop on over to get your 20% code now! It will be well-worth the extra click. :) The Seeds CDs are well-worth the investment (especially when you have a coupon code) and they make great gifts! Check out the Seeds Music Store today.

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