Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Giveaways at Doorposts

**Update: this giveaway is closed and winner has been chosen.

Doorposts is a great resource for training your children in righteousness. They just launched their new blog with "Biblical parenting ideas, weekly character-building projects, book reviews, and lots more." Along with the launch of their blog they are hosting 10 days of giveaways with the last day, Saturday, March 26th, as the Grandprize giveaway - all of their products!! That's a good deal!!

Doorposts Day 1 Giveaway is Plants Grown Up (for boys ages 5 years and up) or Polished Cornerstones (for girls ages 5 years and up). They are great resources for training your littles to become faithful, thoughtful, godly men and women. The book includes Bible study projects, reading lessons, and activities to do together. It's been on my wish list for a while. :)

So check out their new blog and make sure to leave a comment to be entered into their drawing.

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Rachel said...

Before I had kids I remember you talking about this company and I bookmarked the charts you wrote about. Do you still use them? The If-Then and the Blessings chart are the ones I'm thinking of.

How do you handle the blessings one? It's not possible to constantly be awarding good behavior so I was wondering how that works for your family.

I'm thankful you're a few years ahead of me so I have someone to look to in the path of motherhood!