Friday, March 19, 2010

Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone?

That dog would be me, I suppose.

It's been a month since I've posted so I hope I haven't lost all of my "readers." ;)

I've been busy with other tasks around the house like hanging curtain rods, trying to sew curtains and failing, purchasing twin sheets and using those as curtains, organizing the toys since our oldest had his 4th birthday and received many more blessed toys, trying to keep up with laundry, sorting and storing the 18-month clothes that my youngest grew out of 4 months ago, planning a Seder dinner for our high school student leadership team - Doulos, and just being Momma.

But, I pledge to faithfully commit to posting at least 3-4 times a week. You all really need to know about the details of my exciting life. ;)

Now, what am I up to right now...NCAA basketball, baby!! Yesterday my husband and I avoided the internet, the television, radio, and any friends who knew scores of the games so we could fill out our brackets on our date last night. We filled one out for ourselves and one for each of our boys. The boys actually do better than us. The most fun we had filling out a bracket was last year. We looked up all the mascots and chose the team based on whose mascot would win in a fight. Duke won as their mascot is the BlueDevils. Now, if there was a team mascot of Jesus, or Faithful Believers, or Fighting Crusaders, maybe they would have won. We had a good time laughing about it though. ;)

Like I mentioned above, my baby turned 4 years old on the 12th. He had a great birthday with lots of family and friends. He had a Curious George cake (which I gave in and ordered this year) and my husband and I decorated with green streamers (vines) and paper bananas. I thought it turned out pretty cute. He got a lot of fun gifts but his favorites have been Bakugans and Transformers. He's had a lot of fun with them and they're great because he can actually sit and play with them and that's a miracle. To see him quietly sitting.

We're in the process of potty training our 2-year-old. He seems pretty interested because his brother uses the toilet, but he doesn't know that urge to go yet. So, we're still in the process. I'm not going to push the issue, but we will be more purposeful in the near future.

That's the update and hopefully you'll see this little dog around more often. ;)

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