Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wednesday Weigh-In 7/8

Nothing exciting to report here. I guess it's not a gain, so that's good.

starting weight: 160.4
current weight: 160.4
loss: 0
original starting weight: 166.4
cumulative weight loss: 6 lbs.

My thyroid is really out of wack. I started my new meds on Sunday, but it's a frustrating because it takes 6-8 weeks to balance out. So, I will be exhausted and sad until then (sorry dear husband).

I have no motivation to get up early to work out, and I piddle the day away without any heart-pumping physical activity. I've been going to bed on time and still can't manage to get out of bed before 8am (and I've been napping in the afternoon, too). And I cry about a lot of stuff. My hands are falling asleep at night, or while I'm reading, when I'm at the computer, when I'm talking on the phone, etc. I know that's a major symptom of being low for me. That's what got me diagnosed in the first place.

I need to not use the thyroid-thing as a crutch. I need to work through the tears and the tiredness but it's really hard to not just want to quit. But I will not give up.

Here are my goals for this week:

1. I will not give up.
2. I will go to bed on time.
3. I will exercise daily (walking, shredding, swimming) and post on my blog - just for some accountability.
4. I will only weigh on Wednesday.
5. I will do this for me!

Ok. Here's to a better week all around. ;)

Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans


Mommy Mo said...

Here's to a better week, for you and me both! How are you going to stop yourself from weighing every day? I am obsessed with weighing myself, lol.

Brooke said...

you've got a harder challenge than the rest of us, but the exercise should at least help with the sadness.

Denise said...

yes, the exercise should help with the sadness.
it's good that you recognize it is your thyroid. still, it is hard being physically and emotionally taken over. i know i have been there (not with a thyroid, but with other physical issues).
seek first God's truth about you, live in his peace and rest in his love.
then do the best you can each day, and GIVE yourself grace.

The Deals said...

So sorry you're feeling down! It's no fun to be imbalanced. Don't be so hard on yourself- you have a pretty legitimate excuse for being lethargic since your body is not cooperating (I have NO excuse for getting up past 8AM and laying on the couch for a good portion of the day). If there's anything I can do to help make your day brighter- Let me know!!

Amy said...

1) Your blog is so cute!

2) It's good that you maintained and didn't gain even though it was a holiday and you had to change meds.

Keep up the great work- you'll get it this week! :)

april said...

Weight loss is so much more difficult when there are medical issues. You really have to figure out how to work around it, but I know you will and I know you can do it! And great job maintaining!

Anonymous said...

Let's get our butts moving this week Jess! At least you didn't gain...maintaining isn't ideal I know, but it could be so much worse (like gaining more than 2 lbs!)

You are worth it!!!

Midwest Mommy said...

You are the second person I have read that has thyroid problems. I am seriously wondering if that has been my problem these last couple of months.