Monday, July 6, 2009

Birthday Girl

On July 2nd I celebrated my 29th birthday. Even though I'm not too excited about being 29, I had a great day. My husband watched the kids so I could sleep in. The boys napped in the afternoon so I could watch a movie at home. My husband mopped the kitchen floor. And then I got an hour and a half to shower, shave and get ready for my hot date. ;)

My husband borrowed a Toyota Solaris convertible and took me out for some great Thai food. It was delicious. Since we had the babysitter for a while longer, we cruised around in the convertible with the top down enjoying the beautiful evening.

About turning 29...I feel like 30 is looming. I have really enjoyed my 20's and God has done some amazing things in my life during those years (not that God will stop working in my life at 30). I was married in my 20's, my profession of nurse changed to youth secretary to mother. And the process required a huge reliance on God and a complete surrender of myself. I feel like I'm still young and that the possibilities of life are sitting on my doorstep. But 30 feels more like true adult-hood. It's kind of scary to feel like the responsibility is real. That I'm not a naive 20-something. It seems kind of dumb when I say it out loud, but it's how I matter how irrational.

I'm thinking that for my 30th, instead of black (which is usually reserved for the big 5-0) I will celebrate with color and excitement for the future God has for me and my family. I will focus on praising my Creator for the years of my past and the years of my future. I will not dread the "increased" responsibility of "true adulthood" but embrace the challenges that God has for me.

You might have to remind me of this next year. ;)


Denise said...

happy birthday jessica!

looks like a wonderful 29th b-day.

turning 30 was a big deal for me too. God had done a lot with me in my 20's, and i felt this great need to really celebrate that transition from my 20's to my 30's. you know what i did, i threw myself a hoe-down! invited 90 friends, had them compete in a chili cook-off (this equals free food for everyone), hired a caller, used my church,and do-si-do's the night away! i was a great celebration for me.

enjoy this last year in your 20's, and know that your 30's will be great! i have come into more peace, grace, and freedom in my 30's, i'm fitting into my own skin emotionally and spiritually, and not sweating so much of the small stuff. i think my 30's are actually BETTER than my 20's!

be blessed, lavished with love, and in the fullness of Go's grace this new year.

Linda said...

Congratulations!!!! :D

I hope you had a great day (well, I just read you did, hehe..) Have you had many people come up and say.. "almost 30!" ?

My husband, who is now 27 keeps hearing that whenever it's his birthday.. I have a couple more years to go.. although I have always felt that I was born 30, and always been that age.. *LOL*

Anyway.. great to see you celebrated it in such a fun way!

Greetings from the netherlands ;)