Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Weigh-In Wednesday 6/17

The Sisterhood - Team NAVY

Let's get to it. And it's not pretty. It's not awful, but it's not pretty.

current weight: 162 lbs
current loss: GAIN of .6 lbs

I would not be the Biggest Loser tonight. I would for sure get voted off by Team Navy. But since there is no voting off, all I can do is apologize and get my butt in gear.

It was hard being with my family for the wedding. First, I was not Shredding, which I need. Instead I was running after children, dancing the night away, working in the garden, cleaning, carrying furniture around, and cooking. The cooking was ok because I was in control of what was put on the table. It's the wedding cake and alcohol that caused the gain.

So, I'm not going to give myself a pity-party because that's what I usually do because I am making changes. I can redeem myself this week and get out of the 160's. That's my goal to be 159.9 lbs by next week Wednesday. And next time I visit my family, I will need a LOT of encouragement to make good eating choices and to workout...even if there is an audience.

Goals for this week:
  1. Start a new round of The 30 Day Shred.
  2. Get my measurements on record along with my "before" pictures.
  3. Drink water.
  4. Workout early in the morning before my family wakes.
  5. Make good eating choices.
  6. Keep a positive attitude.
  7. And hopefully lose 2.1 lbs to put me in the 150's.


Denise said...

you can do it!

we gotta give ourselves grace when we are on vacation.

sounds to me like you did plenty of shredding, you were busy!

i finished day 4 today! only 26 to go!!

Anonymous said...

I gained too! I have a .2 pound gain. And I worked out quite a bit! We will get em next week!

april said...

Sounds like you have great goals! You can do it!! Good luck this week!