Friday, June 5, 2009


I'm tired.

Not muscle tired, more like a weak tired.

I did NOT want to Shred today. I skipped yesterday and walked with my kids and husband instead. But I skipped the Shred. And today it kicked me. Wiped me out. I'm thinking I need to get to bed before 11:30p. Yet, another goal.

I wasn't going to diet for the Shrinking Summer weight-loss challenge. And I was still going to eat whatever I want. I'm working out and that's more than I've ever done before. But the more I work out the more I notice what I put into my body. I'm not really restricting myself, but I'm reading labels. I'm eating a serving size not a SERVING SIZE. Just some small changes, but they all add up. For example:
  1. Serving a large salad with taquitos for my family.
  2. Going to Panera and getting a huge salad (with bread - should've gotten whole wheat) instead of soup and a sandwich. I also got a water instead of my all-time favorite Iced Chai-tea Latte.
  3. Counting out the Goldfish crackers into a serving size so I don't eat the whole box.
  4. Having 1 delicious calorie-packed bar instead of 3.
  5. Drinking water at a party and not lemonade.
  6. Bringing a salad as a side to a cookout (hopefully my non-green-eating friends will enjoy it).
  7. Eating a veggie quesadilla without the Ranch dressing.
  8. Splitting my Starbuck's bottled Frapaccino into 3 servings instead of downing it in one sitting.
Another thing that has changed is how I reward myself. I used to always reward myself with food. Usually a decadent or salty snack. That's me. I'm a foodie. So, it's become rewards like: buying the good razors at the store, planning a massage for after my 30 day shred (or after the 7-week challenge; we'll see what I can talk my husband into), buying a new sports bra, buying a new pair of tennis shoes, getting my husband to put music on a used MP3 player (we can't get the old songs off, if someone knows how to do that, please let me know), etc. I know it sounds like a lot of shopping, but these are things I probably need anyway (sans massage).

Not weighing myself everyday has been an toughy. I want to know if all the hard work I'm doing is really paying off. But I don't want to get discouraged if the weight is a little higher on a particular day. So, I'm trying to stay away from the scale. It's hard.

So, making changes, slowly but surely. Hopefully you'll be able to notice the change in my attitude and eventually my body. I wanna be hot. ;)


Pam W. said...

You are doing great, Jess! Good for you! I wish we lived closer, I would work out with you! You are hot already, but you will be in great shape and feel so good about what you accomplished once you get through it!!

Brooke said...

changing your eating habits like you mentioned is the way you do it and stick with it. :)

Rachel S said...

Good job! I am proud of you. You are inspiring me to try this shred thing, just the name is scary though:) Is it a DVD I buy at the store or something?

Also, I think Jer knows how to take the music off. He has done it for our ipod before- it's difficult but can be done. What mp3 player do you have? Jer said you can call him to work it out if you want to.

Have a great weekend:)

P.S. I love the "For the Love of Cooking" blog you posted- mmm I am going to start using that for my meals.