Monday, June 28, 2010

"Scrambled Eggs"

Here's more of my thoughts from Molly Piper's series How to Help Your Grieving Friend and her next post in the series, She's a Scatterbrain.

I can say that I honestly haven't felt too much of this. I've mostly been saying "no" to things that I know will require my organizational skills, which is usually my strong-suit. But then again, I have some recent instances where I've dropped the ball:
  • My son's ENT appointment last Thursday. I even got an automated call from the office two days prior to remind me. And when they called me at 3:45p yesterday afternoon (30 minutes after his scheduled appointment) I could say honestly forgot.
  • And there's a class I'm taking at church. I have had good intentions of getting the homework done in a timely manner, but I just can't seem to follow through. And after two reminders I still didn't make it to the class on Saturday.
  • And I've volunteered to help with a large church event in October - the week after our baby was due. And it's really hard to work on that stuff. I have calls to make and I just don't feel like doing it. Normally I get home from a meeting and type up and organize my notes, but I really have no desire to do so. And the early weeks of October are going to be painfully emotional so I pray that I can do a good job and make it through without a breakdown.
Molly describes it like this:
I’ve had a very difficult time keeping my appointments, remembering a conversation with someone that required action on my part, returning phone calls, etc. Sometimes I lack motivation, but often I have good intentions; I just can’t follow through.
And this is the advice she offers to us:
So how does this affect you, the friend? First, if you make plans with her, hold them loosely. Second, if you can remind her in a way that is not overbearing, do so a couple days out, or maybe the day before. I personally wouldn’t recommend phone calls. Just find out from her if she’s an email or phone person. And if she says she will remember, and then forgets, don’t take it personally.
Personally, I'm an email person. I've been avoiding the phone because bawling on the phone is a LOT more obvious that bawling on email. ;) Again, I encourage you to read the entire article - She's a Scatterbrain.

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