Friday, January 1, 2010

Kissing the TV Good-bye

Well, the TV isn't really gone but the power strip to the TV, DVD player, stereo receiver, the VCR and the digital antennae is off.

My husband and I have been wanting to fast from the TV for several months, but we were selfish and wanted to wait until The Amazing Race was over for this season. ;) So, starting today and lasting through the entire month of January, we will be fasting from our TV.

I think it will go pretty well for most of the day, but it has been nice to have PBS Kids as an option throughout the day. We especially like Sesame Street at 9am after we're finished with our school work. And Curious George is on at 5pm and distracts them long enough for me to get dinner ready for our 5:30p meal time. I'm the most nervous about the last one - 5pm dinner time.

I plan on borrowing lots of books on CD for the boys for use in the afternoon while we're playing or at 5pm when I'm trying to get dinner ready. Also, my husband and I like to watch movies and we have already said that if we "need" to, we can use our portable DVD player for a date night and watch a movie together in bed. ;) Kind of fun to be sneaky sometimes. But this will be a once a week (if that) treat for ourselves.

And I'll have to find a good radio station to listen to the news since we don't get the paper. I'll also just have to make it a habit to check the news online in the morning and then let it go. ;) I'm ready for this and so is my husband. We've talked about it for a while so it won't be so bad...and hopefully the kids will adjust. ;)

I'll keep you posted on how our TV fast is going.


call me Laura said...

Good for you guys, I love tv, this would be hard for me to imagine. Most of Dec we have had the music christmas station playing through the tv, and we don't have a stero so I play our cd's through our dvd player using the tv as speakers. I recieved a speaker for my Ipod which also plays FM radio, so maybe I should try this challenge too. One of our favorite date shows starts soon '24 so it would be hard to miss that. Can't wait to see how it goes

Denise said...

so glad to see that your back. looks like you have been back to blogging for a while.

t.v. fasting..aghh, i couldn't do it.
we only watch t.v. in the evenings after the kids go to bed. sat. a.m. belongs to the kids.
my downfall is internet. i'm trying to have more self-control with that.

hope you are well!
happy new year.

Sarah said...

Keep it up!! Don't get discouraged or cave in.