Monday, January 4, 2010

Kissing the TV Good-bye *Update

It's been a rough weekend. My husband was out of town with the high school students he ministers to so I was home with the boys alone. Without the TV.

Friday night I finished my book that I started on December 1st. I was only half-way through when I sat down to read it. And on Saturday I wanted to watch college basketball so bad! I don't really have a team that I watch, I just love to watch it all. ;) So, I cleaned and worked on my cleaning calendar (a great check-list) for the year. Saturday night my two-year-old was sleeping by 7:15p and my 3 1/2-year-old was asleep by 8p and I was asleep in the recliner at 8:30p. ;) Sunday afternoon it was a battle not to watch sports or a movie, but I listened to the radio and washed my dishes by hand.

I've noticed that bedtime for the boys is a little bit more relaxed. We start at the same time but I'm not as rushed because my show is on at 7p. I take more time to sing, pray and visit with my boys before bed. And I think it's helping them to stay in bed and go to sleep. ;) Usually we have to tell them multiple times and discipline them for disobeying by getting out of bed. I haven't really had that problem the past few nights.

Another thing, my husband really is my best friend and things are pretty boring here without him. At least if he was home the evenings would be occupied by conversation and maybe a few board games. So, it's been a struggle for me. Now that the weekend is over I think it will go better because I'm in more of a routine and I have several projects that I've wanted to finish but haven't had the time. ;) Isn't that such a relative phrase?!

By the way, does anyone have any really good books they want to recommend? I could use a few good books. ;)


Sarah said...

Be Last by Jeremy Kingsley. Great eye-opening book on humility. Passion and Purity by Elisabeth Elliot is another good one too. The Shack is is Lies Women Believe (I read Lies Young Women Believe, but I heard the "original" is even better) by Nancy Leigh DeMoss...Slightly Bad Girls of the Bible by Liz Curtis Higgs is a really easy, laid-back read. I'm a book nerd.;)

Maria Van't Hul said...

I think its amazing that you are trying to go without tv for a whole month! I couldn't do it. A good book is "Shattering Glass." It's one of my favorites. I know Jon borrowed it once but I'm don't think you read it.