Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Book Club - The Ministry of Motherhood (Week 2)

I have to tell you that it's been great for me to be reading The Ministry of Motherhood this summer. It has already been an encouragement and I love that Good Morning Girls has added verses for daily reading and reflection. I have really been encouraged by the Bible reading and the fact that I actually have time to read and reflect on one or two verses a day. Makes me feel like I've accomplished something.

As for reading the book, that's a little more difficult. I love to digest books and with all the house-hunting, packing, wild-boy chasing, decorating-ideas collecting, it's been hard to read and not be distracted or...fall asleep. :) But I made it through the introduction and have been challenged by Sally Clarkson's model and her words. There were so many good parenting tips that weren't given as "tips" but were told in stories of how she handled situations with her kids. It was very encouraging to me.

I'm thankful that "God has created very normal people like me to have a ministry - a spiritual impact in the lives of other people" - in my children and through my children. And although it isn't as obvious as doing ministry in the neighborhood, church, community, world, it is still important enough for me to devote myself to ministering to my children. I've also been challenge to view my children as disciples and to really disciple them or train them spiritually, emotionally, and socially I need to be intentional and have a plan. And GIFTS is a good example of a discipleship plan in the lives of your children:

G - gift of grace
I - gift of inspiration (motivation and purpose)
F - gift of faith
T - gift of training
S - gift of service

These are the gifts that I can give my children as I minister to them. And I'm excited to read more in The Ministry of Motherhood to glean ways of how to gift my children with grace, inspiration, faith, training and service.

If you're reading along, what are your thoughts on The Ministry of Motherhood? And if you've blogged about it, I'd love to add your link.

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