Thursday, December 10, 2009

Finishing Up My "To Do's" for the Week

Yesterday we were snowed in and I set some goals for myself. I didn't get everything done, but that's the beauty of a snow's an extra day to get things done. Today is my husband's day off so I already feel like I'm ahead of the game.

Goals for Yesterday (and Today)
* workout I scooped snow for 1 hour, I think that counts as a workout
* make gingerbread houses with the family
* sew a blanket for my son's Christmas present
* sew scarves for my boys
* wrap gifts
* clean my bedroom (mostly it's picking up and putting things away, but still it's a big job)
* bake these bars
* drink some hot chai tea and watch Home Alone (yes, that can be considered a goal) even though we watched Veronica Mars instead
* read my library book, Shepherds Abiding
* housework: vacuum, sweep, mop, clean both bathrooms, dust, laundry
* put together our new stroller (arrived Tuesday while we were running errands; the box was on our front deck covered with 3 inches of snow)
* add my Pebbernodder recipe to Short Stop's cookie exchange
* finish my San Diego posts on our family blog
* cuddle with my boys
* take my youngest to his 2 year apt
* babysit for a friend

That would be my regular list for Thursday but now I'm ahead of the game!! Yay for me. Do you make a To Do list for yourself? How do you stay motivated to keep working when you just want to sit and enjoy another Chai tea and a movie? ;)

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The Lewicki's said...

i heart lists :) I've actually started slacking in the list department but you might have just motivated me to get one started. I actually just thought yesterday that I need to make a list of things that I would like to save money to buy...I always waste my money on stupid buys or sales, but forget to save for the things I actually want/need. I think I might go do that now...and I'll post it on my blog so that I can't loose the list...Oh and as far as cleaning...I just try to have people over enough that I'm too embarrassed to let it get bad...that seems to be adequate motivation for now! see ya!