Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I Want This Book...

I got this book from the library a few weeks ago and couldn't put it down. I read the whole thing in one sitting...on the way home from the library (no, I wasn't driving). My husband got the boys out of the van and I stayed sitting and reading. It was great.

The stories are funny and the recipes are wonderful. I like this book because I have most of the ingredients already in my fridge or pantry. That's necessary for Ree since she lives out on the ranch and can't just run to the store. I appreciate that, because even though I live in town it's not very convenient to take two little boys to the store every time I need something "odd" from the store for a recipe that I want to try.

That's why I like this book!! And the reason I need to just buy the book is because of this:

Almost every page has a Post-it 'cause there's a recipe I want to try. :) There are a lot of Post-its. And considering I've only made two things out of the book and it's due at the library (and I can't renew it because someone's on a waiting list) I have a lot of Post-its to remove. :) So, this book is officially going on my Amazon wishlist as there's not time in three weeks for me to make every recipe that I marked.

I encourage you to stop over at The Pioneer Woman blog and check out her latest recipes, photos, family life, and homeschooling goings-on. Thanks Ree for the wonderful foodie inspiration. 

Do you have any library books that you've decided you just need to buy?


call me Laura said...

I recieved this for Christmas. I love the pictures, stories and recipes. I will say the one thing I am disapointed in, is that all but two of the recipes are on her website. But I got it as a gift, so I am not complaining!
If you ever need to borrow it, just ask.

C, H & E said...

I have it and LOVE it! Such good food :) Heidi