Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Back to Blogging

After a week of relaxation and refreshment in Texas with my husband and a few stressful days/nights with my family and the boys (mostly due to the boys not sleeping well at night), I'm back to the blog world. We had a great time on our trip and had some wonderful food. At home with my mom we did some window shopping at some consignment stores and home decorator stores. I gleaned a lot of ideas from the shops and am ready to share!!

But first I want to let you know about CouponBug. CouponBug is a great place to get coupons because you don't have to sign up for any emails and you put in your zip code so you only get the coupons that are relevant to your area. Really nice! If you want to bypass the membership, click on the "Get My Coupons Now" in the upper right corner and enter your zip code. Then you just click on the coupons you want. It's great!! The coupons are updated weekly.

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Rachel said...

I'm excited about your blog! I have the feed on igoogle now so I can check everyday to see if it's updated:) Thanks for all the tips- I always wanted something like couponbug, but it seemed like you had to sign up for everything! So this makes me excited. See you soon I hope!!