Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Protein Bar Review

I've been eating protein bars when I'm on the go since starting this new diet way of eating. Goals in Motion focuses a lot on the nutrition part of their program which is great, but hard for a foodie like me. I've been doing pretty well and not splurging really at all. I have a bite of a treat here and there, but as for no carbs after 3p I've been doing really good since the evening was my big eating time.

Anyway, back to the protein bars. I never thought I'd be eating these things and I have to be careful and pick times when I absolutely have no other option because they're kind of expensive. But when my in-laws were visiting last week they let me pick out a few bars to try and they paid (thank you!!!). That way I could find some that I really like and not have to worry about the money end of it. So, on to the review.

Think Think Chocolate Covered Strawberries
This bar is very sweet. Almost too sweet. You might want to have a cup of coffee or tea to tone down the sweetness. The flavor was ok but too sweet and I'm not really much of a "sweet-tooth." Definitely would not buy this again.
(200 cal, 70 fat cal, 7g total fat, 3g sat fat, 0g trans fat, 0mg cholesterol, 115mg sodium, 21g carbs, 1g fiber, 0g sugar, 15g protein)

Power Crunch Protein Energy Bar Cookies and Creme
This bar was ok. It had a weird aftertaste and it really made me enjoy drinking all 16oz of water. ;) I mentioned this aftertaste to my coach and she said that they don't taste good because they're good for you. Being a foodie, I don't think that way. I want to enjoy the things I put in my mouth. I don't think I would buy it again.
(205 cal, 105 fat cal, 12g fat, 5g sat fat, 0g trans fat, 0mg cholesterol, 75mg sodium, 115mg potassium, 10g carbs, 1g fiber, 5g sugar, 14g protein)

iSS Oh Yeah! Protein Wafer Chocolate Peanut Butter
This bar was super delicious. It probably helped that I had the Think Thin bar first, but still it's good. It's like a Kit-Kat bar mixed with a Twix. And there's two wafers in the packet so you can enjoy both at one time or split them up into two servings. It's my favorite so far and I will be buying this again.
(210 cal, 117 fat cal, 13g fat, 6g sat fat, 0g trans fat, 2mg cholesterol, 140mg sodium, 8g carbs, 2g fiber, 2g sugar, 14g protein)

Rockn' Roll Hi-Protein Nut Roll Bar Nutty Peanut
I got this bar at GIM after a workout when I knew I wouldn't get home for a while for breakfast (even though I'm not really supposed to do that - I need to eat a real breakfast). It's VERY chewy and made my jaw tired. Maybe it was because I just worked out but it was a lot of chewing. But it was good. Kind of like a Snickers or something. It has the most sodium and the most protein of all the bars I've tried before. I may be buying this one again mostly out of convenience.
(290 cal, 150 fat cal, 16g fat, 3.5g sat fat, 0g trans fat, 5mg cholesterol, 350mg sodium, 150mg potassium, 25g carbs, 6g fiber, 2g sugar, 21g protein)

If you're eating protein bars, what kinds do you like and why? I need all the help I can get. ;)


Heather said...

We like Cliff bars - you can get them at Sam's club in a big box which is more cost efficient. They also have a kid size which is half the calories and I prefer those sometimes because the Cliff bars are quite filling. Anyhow - that's my 2 cents. : ) Way to go Jessica in sticking with a plan and giving it your best. No matter the results -which I know there will be results! - you will feel better in a whole lots of ways. Press on! : )

call me Laura said...

Rob uses the Protein Powder from Walmart. It is in the black and orangish/red can. Right now he is on a chocolate kick, he says it tastes like chocolate milk. I have also used the powder to mix into granola bar recipes. I have also tried Alton Browns protein bar recipe, it is ok, although I haven't had many of the commercial bars. The powder is pretty reasonable, I think it is $15, and lasts Rob around a month.