Saturday, July 21, 2007

Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?

Well, I'm not Carmen San Diego and I haven't really been anywhere. I've been at home with my little Asher and being pregnant for the second time is wiping me out. I thought I needed my thyroid medication changed because I've been so tired, but my test came back normal so I'm just tired. I guess I didn't realize that being pregnant and a mom is exhausting.

I need to make going to bed on time a priority. It's really hard when Asher goes to bed later in the summer. Jonathan and I want to have some time alone in the evening and it's usually after 9pm, so we want to stay up and talk or watch a movie and going to bed is around 11p or 12a. Then Asher gets up between 6 and 7a. So, the nights go fast.

I've also learned that I need a cat nap in the morning and a nap in the afternoon, if I can. I'm glad I get to stay home and catch up on sleep. It would be really hard to work all day at the hospital and then have "homework" to do also. I give moms who work outside of the home a lot of credit. I bet it can be difficult. But it makes it worth it if you love what you do. Like I love being at home.

It's great to see Asher learn new things...almost everyday. It's exciting experiencing things for the first time: swimming, running, rocks, airplanes in the sky, birds, bunnies, wooden spoons, toy cars. It's great and I'm learning to appreciate all of God's "little" blessings again.

We had our ultrasound done, and things look great. The baby looks good and it's so fun to watch that little heart click away. All four chambers pumping that blood. What an amazing God we have. The little one only weighs half a pound and has ten fingers and ten toes. It's fun to count them on the screen. And this time we got the ultrasound on DVD. Isn't that great!?!! I can't wait to show the grandparents. I just hope they're as excited as we are.

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