Wednesday, June 29, 2011


My house is in complete.disarray. I guess that's natural when you're moving in less than two weeks but still, it kills me. I even ran out to McDonald's this morning (at 5:30a) to get some coffee since our coffeemaker is packed.

The packing has been getting horrible. We're down to the bones but there are things that I'm unsure of when to pack. Like clothes. I'm planning on getting the laundry completely caught up so I can pack bags for everyone for 1-2 weeks of clothes. Then I'm going to box up the rest and we'll live out of our bags (doing laundry along the way) for those few weeks we have left in this house.

And then food/dishes. I really don't want to use disposable dishes for two weeks but I'm thinking at the end of this week I'll probably pack my dishes. It's hard with little people but we'll make due. The silverware is another thing. Not sure when to pack that or to buy disposable and then wash them as we go. That way, at least the "real" stuff is packed and ready to move. And I think we'll be having a lot of frozen pizzas so I can pack my pots, pans and baking dishes. :) It's crazy!! :) I should make some freezer meals this week in disposable pans so that I can pack my real stuff.

Then there's the officey stuff. Our phone books, stationary, pens, pencils, calendar, bills, stamps, computer items, printer paper, etc. And tupperware. When do I pack all of that? After I go through and make sure everything has a lid and get rid of my "Dutch" tupperware (ie. yogurt, butter, cottage cheese, cool-whip containers).

We've been packing since last August and I'm sick of it. I want things to be put away. I want everything to be in their homes. I want to have a clean, noncluttered home so I can drink my coffee in peace.

Sorry to whine, vent and think aloud, but I'm about to my breaking point with the packing. I just want to throw stuff in boxes and move already. :)

How do you feel about packing, moving and unpacking? Any helpful tips for this weary soul?


Sandy said...

I wish I had some great words of advice but I'm walking your road right now! We packed our Tupperware last night because I kept thinking we'd need it (didn't need most of it!). Same with pots and pans...I have this feeling we're going to be putting those in a box at the last minute!

It's tough moving. I used to be SO GOOD at it...super organized (I color coded boxes with sticker dots and had index cards for ALL my boxes! I was crazy OCD before kids!). Now, I feel like I'm barely hanging on getting things moved! Good luck! I'll be praying that you figure out a good system for your remaining weeks!

Oh, one thing though...we've been doing disposable plates/silverware for about 2 weeks. MUCH less stress...I recommend it!

jill m said...

We've moved 4 times and I actually don't mind it... I'm not a "keeper" so we don't have a lot of stuff and I use it as a great opportunity to purge any excess. But if you've been packing since August then I understand you are sick of it!!
Your idea to pack clothes for 1-2 weeks is a good idea. The kitchen is hard, but I'd be tempted to use and wash disposable just so I could pack the kitchen and be DONE. My only real advise is clearly label your boxes, but you've probably already done that . . . with creative labels to boot! :)