Thursday, November 16, 2006


This is my first time doing anything like this! I don't even have a "myspace." Well, I thought I would use this blog as a space to record my thoughts on motherhood. But as I was setting up my little blog spot, I decided it would be about more than just motherhood. It would be about cooking, decorating, cleaning (which all have to do with motherhood), things that make me angry or full of joy, stuff that I think is funny and really anything else that I want.

I loved to write in high school and college and even contemplated being a high school English teacher. So, I want to use this as my creative outlet. Who knows what you'll find on my blog. I may just start a novel.

Oh, and I wanted to see what kind of creative juices are floating around in your head. I want a creative name for my blog but nothing cheesy. So if you want, you can post a comment on what you think my blog should be named. I would appreciate a little help in the title department. Thanks!!

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Brent said...


You can call your blog "Ashblog" or "Ashwad's Blog" or "Clog the Blog" or "Ashwad's Log" or "Ashwad downloads a Log" or "Ashwad's Log caused a Clog".