Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Works-for-Me Wednesday: Reheating Popcorn

We don't go to the movies much anymore. Usually it's hard to find a babysitter so we can eat dinner and see a movie because it gets kind of late. Also, going to the theater is expensive. We do have a "dollar theater" in town that plays movies that aren't in the regular theater and they're not released on DVD yet. It's only $2 to get in, but there's still the time factor. And then if you want popcorn!! YIKES!! That can get spendy fast!

What we've been doing is getting a movie from Redbox for $1 a night, or using the codes for a free movie on Mondays. Then my wonderful husband will stop at Target, if I remind him, to get a bag of popcorn for $0.50 or so. Yumm! It's just like the theater's popcorn. Popcorn is my favorite snack so sometimes I ask him to grab two bags and save one for later in the week. I keep it in the paper sack and then put it in a zip-lock bag. Later in the week, I'll line a baking sheet with aluminum foil, set the oven to 250 degrees and pour my popcorn onto the baking sheet. You bake it for about 10 minutes and Voila! you have that movie theater popcorn all over again. It really is good!!

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Elizabeth @ things with feathers said...

Hey, that's a great idea! I hate cold popcorn. Thanks for sharing!! (I popped over from Rocks....)

Sarah said...

I never thought about reheating popcorn. When we splurge and get the tub at the theater they offer free refills but are always so stuffed from the first tub a refill is out of the time I'm getting a refill on the way out and reheating it! Thanks!

Hannah said...

Oooh, I LOVE popcorn. Thanks for the tip! And we've been using Redbox lately too. Love those free mondays!

Linda said...

Hey, I have some popped popcorn that I've been using inside a glass vase since september. (for decorations)

Do you think I'll be able to heat it again and eat it?

*LOL* Just kidding! :) But the tip is great! We often make a huge batch of popcorn, and some of it will always get left over until the next day.... and then it tends to get soft.. Still I'm not one to throw out food, so I'll eat them anyway.. but this is a great idea! :)

Greetings from the netherlands!

Live.Love.Eat said...

That's a wonderful idea! I do love leftover popcorn as is but this would be great for my hubs since he always loves it fresh!

Lynn said...

This is a great tip! My leftover popcorn usually ended up getting pitched because it wasn't so good the next day. I'll have to try your idea :) Thanks.

Denise said...

i have been known to sneak in my own popcorn to a movie (once i even snuck in a full meal).
but this is a great idea!

we love redbox movies 1.07, who can beat that.